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Welcome to the European Training Center

Our European training center is located adjacent to the Marseille-Provence International Airport, adjacent to Airbus Helicopters headquarters and production facilities in Marignane, France.

Helisim France provides flight simulator training for Airbus Helicopters medium/large twin-engine helicopters using the most technologically advanced Full Flight Simulators.

Pioneering the Level "D" simulators, Helisim operates the high-end of rotary-wing simulation in which all possible emergency situations can be replicated. This unique feature allows pilots to safely master the entire flight envelope of their helicopters.

We welcome trainees from the civilian, oil and gas, military and public services sectors.

Helisim France provides more than 11,000 flight hours of simulation training to more than 3,000 pilots each year!

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Helicopter Pilot Training

All of our simulators are using the most technologically advanced Full Flight Simulators


  • AS365 N2

  • H155

  • H160

  • H175

  • AS332 L1/L2

  • H225

  • NH90


Free Wifi

Customer Service



Languages Spoken (English, French, Spanish)

Visa Invitation Request

Dining Services

Open 24h/7d


Vending Machines

Business center (Computer, TV, Printer)

Hotels & Transportation

Helisim France customer services have negotiate some special rates for our customers.

Please contact them to get to know more about this offer!

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