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  • Where is Helisim LLC located?
    We are co-located with the Airbus Helicopters North America Training Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. Our training center is approximately 15 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) and approximately 15 miles southwest of the Dallas Love Field Airport (KDAL). Our street address is: 2701 N. Forum Drive, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052, USA. Enter at the Airbus Helicopters main entrance and inform the security team that you are visiting Helisim LLC.
  • What is the relationship between Helisim LLC and Airbus Helicopters?
    Helisim LLC is Airbus Helicopters’ preferred simulation partner. Helisim LLC is a 100% subsidiary of Helisim SAS which is a joint venture of three leading companies: - Airbus Helicopters (47%), - Thales (47%), - Défense Conseil International (6%).
  • Do I need an M-1 visa to attend training at Helisim LLC?
    A visitor (B) visa is sufficient for most of the training offered at our training center. This includes and initial and recurrent training for the simulator models we operate (AS350, EC135, EC145, H145). An M1 visa is only required for customers who are seeking a new rating. Since FAA rules do not require a type rating for any of the aircraft model simulators we currently operate in the U.S. (al with a GW of less than 12,500 lbs.); therefore, an M1 visa would only be required for customers who are planning to receive training towards a private, commercial, Airline Transport, or instrument rating.
  • Do I need to apply for a TSA security threat assessment before I attend training?
    For most training events, e.g. initial or recurrent training NOT for the purpose of obtaining an initial airman's certificate or instrument rating, you DO NOT need to complete a TSA security threat assessment. In some instances, Airbus Helicopters and/or Helisim LLC offer training that falls within the following Category 3 definition (per TSA): Candidates who seek flight training in the operation of aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less for the following training events: an initial airman's certificate or instrument rating. Each of these training events requires a separate training request. If you are pursuing training that falls within the definition of category 3, you must complete a TSA security threat assessment before being confirmed for training. Please complete the process as outlined on TSA’s Flight Training Security Program Website. Please select “Airbus Helicopters (TX)” as the training provider.
  • How do I obtain a quote for training services?
    Please contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss different options.
  • I am looking for a full Airbus Helicopters & Helisim initial or recurrent course. Who should I contact?
    Please contact our Customer Services.
  • Where can we stay? Do you have hotel partnerships?
    Yes, several preferred hotels offer special rates for Airbus Helicopters/Helisim visitors. Please visit our Where to Stay page to view and compare different hotels. Upon arrival, hotel staff may ask for proof of your visit to Airbus Helicopters/Helisim.
  • What kind of entertainment do you have in Dallas Fort-Worth area?
    We have plenty of entertainment in the Dallas Fort Worth area! Please visit our Discover Our Area page for a list of some of our favorite local spots.
  • What does Helisim do to respect a sustainable environment?
    At Helisim Group, we care about the environment. ​ Just a few of the ways we take action to support a better world for future generations: ​ Our business model Purchasing policy Recycling Everyday actions Please also visit our Sustainability page to learn more about what we are doing to protect OUR planet!
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